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  Floating Tulips Lamp

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Pink tulips at the base of each panel set in white opalescent glass with blue accents in this lamp. Complete with swag hardware.
Size: 16" W x 12" H x 16" D Price:$ 360.00 cdn
Categories: Flowers, Lamps Special Order
Catalog# 00026
  Flower Bevel Panel

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Bevels surrounded by green baroque and green streaky glass. It is then framed with bevels to refract the sun light into a rainbow of color in the west window that will be its home.
Size: 16" Wide x 30" High Price:$ 295.00 cdn
Categories: Abstracts, Bevels, Geometric, Panels, Windows
Catalog# 00097
  Forest Fire

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One has only to see a forest fire to envision its destructive nature and also its beauty. This is a creation of this force of nature. The strong patterns and texture of glass are used to depict a fire.
Size: 28" Wide x 28" High Price:$ 435.00 cdn
Categories: Panels, Scenery, Windows Special Order
Catalog# 00107
  Free Form Abstract Panel

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Abstact free form using a variety of color, texture and shapes from orange, to gold, to green, to grey and clear make up this panel
Size: 9" Wide x 28" High Price:$ 145.00 cdn
Categories: Abstracts, Panels Special Order
Catalog# 00027

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