Variety of items using bevels
  His Majesty

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Big horn mountain sheep ram bevel set with the Ram looking over his mountain domain at sunset.
Size: 17" Wide x 17" High Price:$ 465.00 cdn
Categories: All, Animals/Birds, Bevels, Panels Special Order
Catalog# 00118

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Inukshuk bevel set backed by Northern Lights
Size: 17" Wide x 26" High Price:$ 525.00 cdn
Categories: All, Bevels, Panels, Windows
Catalog# 00115
  Panel With Bevels

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Rectangle window panel of red, blue and clear glass, high lighted by bevels.
Size: 14" Wide x 18" High Price:$ 155.00 cdn
Categories: All, Bevels, Geometric, Panels, Windows Special Order
Catalog# 00056
  Panel Lamp

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Panel lamp shade with light refracting bevels, white and red glass. Complete with swag hardware.
Size: 15" W x 9" H x 15" D Price:$ 230.00 cdn
Categories: All, Bevels, Geometric, Lamps Special Order
Catalog# 00044

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