Assorted items with a geometric theme
  Round Blue Grey Suncatcher Panel

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Round suncatcher panel blue/grey glass complimented with clear, pink and iridescent clear glass.
Size: 14" Wide x 14" High Price:$ 105.00 cdn
Categories: All, Bevels, Geometric, Panels, Suncatchers Special Order
Catalog# 00014
  Shooting Star

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A shooting star is a rare pattern of nature that may be observed at anytime. With this in mind I undertook to portray a night time scene of a Shooting Star with a mountain back ground.
Size: 27" Wide x 17" High Price:$ 255.00 cdn
Categories: All, Geometric, Panels, Scenery, Windows Special Order
Catalog# 00106

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Bevel cluster center surrounded by clear textured glass, blue and orange
Size: 17" Wide x 17" High Price:$ 168.00 cdn
Categories: All, Abstracts, Geometric, Panels
Catalog# 00089

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Cobalt blue and ruby red high light the 5 point star bevels. Assorted textures of iridized clear glass complete the contrast
Size: 30" Wide x 30" High Price:$ 480.00 cdn
Categories: All, Bevels, Geometric, Panels, Windows Special Order
Catalog# 00087

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