Scenery in stained glass
  Polar Bear Panel

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Rectangle window panel using a Polar bear bevel cluster as the high light with northern lights reflecting his shadow on the snow bank he is standing on.
Size: 15" Wide x 21" High Price:$ 255.00 cdn
Categories: All, Animals/Birds, Bevels, Panels, Scenery, Windows Special Order
Catalog# 00085
  Prairie Grain Elevator Panel

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Prairie Grain elevator window panel at the end of the tracks is a reminder of the past on the Prairies
Size: 21" Wide x 29" High Price:$ 340.00 cdn
Categories: All, Grain Elevators, Panels, Scenery, Windows Special Order
Catalog# 00054
  Reflections Panel

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The reflection of scenes is often seen in a lake on a very calm day. Reflections is a mirror like rendering of such a view done in a variety of color and texture.
Size: 34" Wide x 25" High Price:$ 470.00 cdn
Categories: All, Panels, Scenery, Windows Special Order
Catalog# 00105
  Sailboat Panel

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Rectangle sailboat window panel depicts choppy waters as sunset approaches.
Size: 14" Wide x 20" High Price:$ 160.00 cdn
Categories: All, Panels, Scenery, Ships / Boats, Windows Special Order
Catalog# 00071

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