Stained Glass Windows
  Forest Fire

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One has only to see a forest fire to envision its destructive nature and also its beauty. This is a creation of this force of nature. The strong patterns and texture of glass are used to depict a fire.
Size: 28" Wide x 28" High Price:$ 435.00 cdn
Categories: All, Panels, Scenery, Windows Special Order
Catalog# 00107
  Geometric Triangles

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Assorted textures high lighting triangles
Size: 15" Wide x 24" High Price:$ 200.00 cdn
Categories: All, Geometric, Panels, Windows
Catalog# 00116
  Grain Elevator Panel

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Window panel depicting a prairie grain elevator reminds one of the history of the prairies.
Size: 21" Wide x 25" High Price:$ 295.00 cdn
Categories: All, Grain Elevators, Panels, Scenery, Windows Special Order
Catalog# 00033

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Inukshuk bevel set backed by Northern Lights
Size: 17" Wide x 26" High Price:$ 525.00 cdn
Categories: All, Bevels, Panels, Windows
Catalog# 00115

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