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  Cowboy Boots and Hat

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Western boots and hat done in blacks, whites and clear iridescent glass. Finished as an oval shape window panel.
Size: 18" Wide x 21" High
First place winner in 2007 Calgary Stampede Arts & Crafts Competition.
Categories: Miscellaneous, Panels
Item# 00103
  Dancing Dolphins Panel

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2 dolphins jumping out of the water nose to tail in this panel
Size: 12" Wide x 28" High
Categories: Animals/Birds, Panels
Item# 00022
  Desert Scene Panel

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Arizona desert scene of cactus and rolling sand hills in this window panel.
Size: 24" Wide x 18" High
Categories: Panels, Scenery, Windows
Item# 00023

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Dolphin leaping into the air. Iridescent circle surrounds the Dolphin. The design has open space between the Dolphin and the outer ring.
Size: 11" Wide x 11" High
Categories: Animals/Birds, Suncatchers
Item# 00095
  Dove Bevel Panel

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A square suncatcher panel with a Bevelled dove surrounded by clear textured glass and outlined with amber.
Size: 14" Wide x 14" High
Categories: Animals/Birds, Bevels, Panels, Suncatchers
Item# 00024
  Dragon Fly Fairy

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Fairy in pink gown testing the water in a pond in this rectangle window panel.
Size: 17" Wide x 24" High
Design by: Chantal's Stained Glass Patterns
Categories: Panels, Scenery, Windows
Item# 00082
  Entry Door Window Panel

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Abstract design with light refracting bevels using complimentary color and texture of aqua, burgundy and clear to make up this rectangle entry door window.
Size: 24" Wide x 32" High
Categories: Abstracts, Bevels, Panels, Windows
Item# 00025
  Farm Scene Panel

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Red barn with grain field in the background and fenced yard in front of this window panel rectangle.
Size: 22" Wide x 18" High
A modified design from Chantal's Stained Glass Patterns.
Categories: Panels, Scenery, Windows
Item# 00079

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