Stained glass abstract designs

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Bevel cluster center surrounded by clear textured glass, blue and orange
Size: 17" Wide x 17" High
Categories: All, Abstracts, Geometric, Panels
Item# 00089
  Victorian Style Hanger

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English muffle rose glass in center with English muffle champagne pink around ouside, highlighted with bevels
Size: 18" Wide x 18" High
Categories: All, Abstracts, Bevels, Geometric, Panels
Item# 00100

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Mostly free form with no definite design
Size: 16" Wide x 22" High
Categories: All, Abstracts, Panels
Item# 00114

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Just a whimsical free form design in contrasting textures and colors
Size: 18" Wide x 24" High
Categories: All, Abstracts, Panels
Item# 00119

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